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Buying pre-owned jewelry will save you money because of its discounted price from the original time of purchase. And pre-owned pieces can even be up to 20-80% less than a similar or identical piece of jewelry.

That means you can find a quality piece of jewelry that is built to last generations AND save big on the price tag.

One of the greatest advantages to buying pre-owned jewelry is the opportunity to own a small part of history. This is something that you cannot get when you buy a brand new piece of jewelry. Often, older pieces were hand-crafted using knowledge and techniques that don't exist anymore and can't be reproduced by anyone today!

Each piece of pre-owned jewelry comes with its own story and personal history. Who knows who could have worn your piece of jewelry in the past? Maybe it was a first lady, or an actress, or famous socialite. The possibilities are endless and part of the fun of purchasing any previously owned piece is the thrill of its history.\

The category of “estate” jewelry spans pieces made over the course of multiple centuries. Basically, anything pre-owned qualifies as estate. Whether the item is an antique Georgian parure from the 18th century or a glamorous Art Deco brooch, estate jewelry encompasses all eras and design periods. Collectors of vintage or antique items will find truly special pieces that are both wearable and fascinating as mementos from bygone years.

Nothing can match the exquisite beauty of vintage engagement rings, whether it is the lace like filigree of the Edwardian era or the architecture of an Art Deco piece.

There is a craftsmanship to antique diamonds quite unlike and unsurpassed by stones of today. In the past, a stone’s cut was determined not by strict formulations and mechanics, but by a man staring down into a jewels depth and making a series of choices, each one designed to bring out the stone’s essential fire and sparkle.

There is an originality to vintage engagement rings. No one will have a piece quite like yours. Vintage engagement rings are filled with subtle surprises that come only from jewelry that was crafted in exquisite detail by an artist’s hand and tools. This is the reason reproduction pieces do not look or appraise like jewelry of the past. It took hand attention to get the sublime delicacy of Edwardian filigree or the raw beauty of an antique rose cut diamond.